JobLauncher™ connects Oracle iRecruitment or PeopleSoft eRecruit to any job board anywhere in the world through eQuest Job Posting.

Post, update, and close vacancies with a few simple clicks. There is no need to log into multiple job boards. No more time wasted copying and pasting vacancies. Manage all of your job postings directly within iRecruitment/eRecruit.

eQuest’s Prophecy identifies which job boards will deliver the most candidates and the best cost per candidate. Metrics are calculated by job classification and geographic location to improve accuracy. Recruiters no longer waste money on job boards that do not deliver candidates.

JobLauncher™ centralizes all applicant data to facilitate compliance and internal reporting. Applicants are directed back to iRecruitment/eRecruit to complete their application where source and progress data are tracked immediately to determine dropout rates, calculate board efficiency metrics, and facilitate OFCCP reporting.

PEG 1-Click Reporting  
XML Publisher, created by Oracle to allow users to extract data from their system in a visually flexible format. XML Publisher separates the data from the visual presentation, using data sets and templates, to allow multiple reports for each data set. The templates allow users to easily display their data graphically with charts and graphs, images and logos to improve appearance, and truly personalize their reports. The result is a significantly more professional and appealing reporting solution.

The PEG 1-Click Reporting further enhances XML Publisher reporting functionality, allowing users to retrieve reports within any Self Service based environment by simply clicking a HTML link. With the PEG 1-Click viewer it allows companies a real time reporting tool available at their fingertips. Any Self Service screen can become a reporting dashboard for users, alleviating the need to learn and log on to Oracle professional forms.

The Viewer is a fully integrated reporting solution that utilizes all the standard features of Self Service Personalizations. For example:
  • Manage access to reports using the security levels (Site, Function, Responsibility, etc)
  • Embed reports within the current window or open a new window
  • Change report links by modifying the Prompt
  • Default and hide reporting parameters
AventX Fax/Email
Partnering with STR Software, PEG 1-Click Reporting also allows immediate emailing or faxing of any report. Sending the report is as easy as typing in the recipient’s email address or fax number. All faxes and emails are tracked using the concurrent manager, which provides the ever-valuable audit trail.

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