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  XML Reporting
Provide professional, real-time reports for your entire organization with PEG XML Reports.

PEG Consulting has developed an extensive suite of HR, Benefits, and Payroll reports based in XML. One Example of a PEG XML report is a New Employee Application pre-populated with any information already recorded in Oracle during the recruiting process. Another example is the Current Enrollments Report, generated for employees to inform them of their current enrollment before Open Enrollment or after a Life Event has closed.

PEG XML reports can be quickly adapted to your company's specific requirements, with personalized fields, logos, and colors. Custom reports can also be created with minimal effort. PEG XML reports are accurate, easy-to-read, and offer the professional appearance that you demand when presenting reports to top executives, clients, and most importantly your own employees. PEG XML reports are also Sarbanes Oxley compliant, because they do not allow end users to manipulate data.

Once your reports are complete, PEG can simplify the process of running, reviewing, and distributing your reports in Oracle with PEG 1-Click Reporting. 'add link here'

PEG Consulting has extensive experience building interfaces between Oracle and numerous 3rd party vendors. PEG Consulting can develop an interface with any vendor that will accept data electronically. Our experience includes all of the top Benefits vendors, Payroll vendors, and Recruiting job boards.

One example of the power of a PEG Interface is the PEG JobLauncher™ Interface which electronically connects Oracle iRecruitment to thousands of job boards worldwide.

Our team can leverage this experience to quickly connect your database to your vendors, automating data transfer and freeing your team to concentrate on more value-added tasks.

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